You are either Russian or German. You must fight for the key areas of this large map.

You must decide which gate is best for your strategic goals. Does the Carpathian Gate serve your desires?

Or do you find that Heaven's Gate is your entry in to the secret worlds of old?

Enjoy this long battle through the rough and imposing terrain.

Plan your assaults carefully. Every little area is never without eyes.

Features: rough terrain, hidden weapons and defenses. Great strategic spawn points.


DOWNLOAD - Battle for Carpathian Gate (map installer)


Pictures - Battle for Carpathian Gate

Looking to the Carpathian Gate


Halfway house


Carpathian Mountain


Approach road


To the Bridge of Sighs


Looking to the German Stronghold


Heaven's Gate


On the Bridge of Sighs


On the Bridge


Caprpathian Mount


German Base