It is based on the H.P.Lovecraft story. You are either the invading evil serpent people, sliming your way from the depths of Devil Reef or you are the protecting army, set to save the towns folk of Arkham from a certain lizard death. A spooky looking town, it must be said. The sounds and constant howling winds will chill you to the core ( a bit). In amongst the almost deserted buildings, you will find all the ammo you need to battle it out from the land to the sea. The island can be conquered by using your parachute and a little time. The serpents wail will alert you to the islands fall. Enjoy.....

The game needs at least 2 players over the net. An ideal would be around 6 to 8 players on each side. 2 players alone online is scary!

DOWNLOAD - Shadow Over Innsmouth map installer

DOWNLOAD - Shadow Over Innsmouth RFA (File Front)

Readme file for the game


Shadow Over Innsmouth pictures

Darkness falls

Kill the serpents

They slime their bikes

The Shadow lowers

Lonely barn

Cthulu lodge has landed

The Old Factory and Church

They don't dig water