This is the lite version of DC Battle for Brid Airport. It lacks the large items and vehicles like the Nimitz aircraft carrier and storage building

Some of the vehicles were replaced with light versions. Some even have upgrades to them (visual upgrades)

The skins are the main attraction with this version. It retains much of the original game play but visually is rather different.

You will find strange sounds, strange people, pictures and also arms hidden around.

Features: Chav Iraqis, posters, crip' mobile ladas, graffitit, gates to hell, hidden weapons - the list goes on...

Enjoy Brid Airport version 2 (v2). Pass the word on and build up game play.


DOWNLOAD - Brid Airport V2 map installer (auto)

DOWNLOAD - Brid Airport V2 (File Planet)

DOWNLOAD - Brid Airport V2 (File Front)

DOWNLOAD - Brid Airport V2 (FileFront NEW)

Install readme


Brid Version 2 pictures

Cool Lada

Paul MacCartney Island

Alice Coupon and his special car

Chav Iraqi

Borat guards his love nest