This is the first version of the 'Brid' maps. It is great fun and rather a big map.

It is based on the real seaside of town of Bridlington in the North East of England.

You will find a mass of vehicles to play with and lots of hiding places and weapons

The more players on this map the better. With its size, you can really hide or get lost.

You will notice, upon capture of different flags, that different vehicles suddenly appear.

Keep your eyes open throughout the map... and your ears too!!!!

DOWNLOAD - DC Battle for Brid Airport (FileFront)

DOWNLOAD - DC Battle for Brid Airport (File Planet)

Original readme.txt from the map


Pictures - DC Battle for Brid Airport


Heli over new town

Approaching the docks

Weight problems with Lada

Secret stash 1

Tall OAP flats

Approach sea front

Big vs Small


Approach of the production area